Terms of Service

1. Madison Rose Events Limited will provide the items as hired which are detailed on your invoice. (Hereafter referred to as the “Hirer”).

2. The booking is subject to the following conditions, and the Hirer should NOT confirm the booking unless the conditions are fully understood and accepted. The Contract for the hire of goods is between the Owner and the Hirer, not the venue, unless goods are being hired directly by the venue. It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that the venue is clearly instructed so that the Terms and Conditions are met. The Owner will charge the Hirer for any costs due to Terms and Conditions being broken. It is then the responsibility of the Hirer to reclaim any of these costs from the venue, if the venue was at fault. We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions with immediate effect. Only the latest Terms and Conditions will be applicable to the Hirer at all times

3. Settlement of the balance must be made in accordance to the payment terms outlined in the booking contract and stated here;
– A non-refundable or transferable deposit between £200 – £500 to secure the date of your event.
– 3 months before your dated event, a payment of half the outstanding balance will be due to be paid. This is also followed up with a 3 month appointment between the customer and Madison Rose Events Limited.
– 4-6 weeks before the dated event, the outstanding balance is due to be paid in full along with a final meeting confirming all numbers, items and other information needed for the event to be carried out.
– If you book your event within 6 weeks of the chosen date you may be requested to pay the invoiced amount in full instead of 2-3 different payments.

4. By paying your deposit you agree that you have read and understood this document.

5. In the event of any cancellation, any booking fee or deposit that has been paid will be forfeited. Cancellation charges will be made as follows:
– Notice given more than 90 days prior to event/hire – None of remaining balance due
– Notice given 59-91 days prior to event/hire – 50% of remaining balance due excluding logistics costs
– Notice given 31-60 days prior to event/hire – 75% of remaining balance due excluding logistics costs
– Notice given less than 30 days prior to event/hire – 100% of remaining balance due including logistics costs

6. The Hirer is responsible for the hired equipment from the time that it is delivered until it is collected by our staff and must insure the equipment’s on an “All Risks” basis including Accidental loss destruction or damage by Fire, Lightning, Aircraft, Explosion, Riot, Civil Commotion, Malicious Damage, Earthquake, Storm, Tempest, Flood, Bursting and overflowing of water tanks pipes and apparatus, Falling Trees, Impact, Escape of Fuel from any fixed oil heating installation, Any loss or damage to any items on hire will be charged back to the hirer at our full retail replacement value.

7. Parking must be available at all times while we are on site, if for any reason this is not the case the Hirer is liable to pay for any additional parking charges incurred by our staff.

8. Adequate power supply must be provided by the venue for the equipment hired, for specific requirements.

9. Excessive soiling of any or our products will result in the Hirer being invoiced for the cost of professional cleaning or replacing as required.

10. Madison Rose Events Limited will not be held liable for any damage caused to buildings or property.

11.Madison Rose Events Limited will make all reasonable attempts to resolve payment issues in-house, and will provide written warning (either by email or post) before any debt is passed on a Third-Party Debt Collecting Agency. In signing this contract, the Hirer is agreeing to pay all invoices and charges on time, and understands that if passed on for collection, 15% commission will be added to the amount owed, along with any incurred court, legal or collection fees. Failure to make final payment as required for a hire or event will result in dispatch of equipment or services being refused and cancellation of the order with no refund. In this instance the final balance shall still be due.

Breakdown and Collections

All of our goods are collected the very next day after an event unless for special reasons confirmed by both Madison Rose Events Limited, the venue or yourselves. Unless your invoice has a breakdown charge, we will not be returning to breakdown any items the evening of your event. If this is a service you require please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange this. A 12pm breakdown and collection cost is £75. If arranging at the venue on the day of your event and informed by the venue that they require a breakdown at 12pm and we haven’t been informed prior by yourselves the fee will be £120 and must be paid on the day before the delivering of hired good has been finished. You and or your venue will be responsible for placing all the hire items in one place with easy access ready for us to collect the next morning before 11am unless instructed a different time.


Should the Hirer have a complaint regarding an event that we have completed by means of hiring goods as a DIY event or delivering and setting up hired goods for an event, they must write to us within 7 days of the event taking place via email or written letter which is to be sent to Madison Rose Events Limited, 326 Kenilworth Road, Balsall Common, CV7 7ER.  Any written complaints we receive will be replied to within 7 days of receiving them after investigating the means of the complaint. Please be aware that these Terms and Conditions can be revised with immediate effect at any time. Ensure that you have the latest copy by either checking our website or requesting it directly from us (mail, email, telephone).

The End of our Terms of Service.

A Copy of our Public Liability Certificate is available on request.